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University Flight Training

Program benefits...

  • University training programs provide multi-disciplinary aviation training in a highly structured environment.

  • Many of the Major air carriers require a four-year degree to obtain employment.

  • These programs are ideal for students willing to commit to full-time training.

  • Options are available for government and private student loans, which aid in flight training costs. 

  • Most major airlines give preference to applicants who attend an Aviation Accredited Board International school (AABI).

  • University graduates are eligible for the restricted privileges of the Airline Transport Pilot certificate. This reduces the flight experience required to become an airline pilot by 500 hours.

  • Most flight training universities give hiring preference to their graduates for flight instructor positions, which provides a pathway for the graduates to earn valuable flight time and experience.

Image by Avel Chuklanov

University training overview...

Many universities and colleges around the country offer flight training in conjunction with an aviation-related Bachelor's degree. Most of these programs will train you with little or no experience. They will also provide a wealth of training and education to prepare you for your flying career. 

Additional considerations...

  • These programs are designed for individuals wishing to complete a four-year degree. For those who already possess a Bachelor's degree, this path may be cumbersome and unnecessary.

  • Combining flying with higher education adds expense. 

Image by Richard Horne
  • University programs general take four or more years to complete. Although graduates are well-rounded and more competitive in the industry, university programs are generally not the fastest route to obtain pilot certifications. 

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