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1. Interview Preparation Video Series:

  • Learn the essentials to interview preparation using the 16-lesson video series presented by Professor Dan Malott.

2. Pre-Interview Preparation Meeting:

  • This one-on-one meeting will introduce the various types of interview questions that are encountered at a typical airline interivew.
  • Your assigned APC consultant will work with you to develop, structure, and present your own unique responses to each interview question.

3. Interview with APC Consultant:

  • This mock-interview is designed to simulate your real-world interview.
  • An APC consultant will present a range of questions associated with each interview topic.
  • Upon completion, your APC consultant will review your responses and provide recommendations.

4. Interview Technique Refinement & Polish-Up Interview:

  • This premium service allows for the refinement of any skills developed during your one-on-one interview.
  • This service is recommended the week of your scheduled airline interview.
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