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Most recruiters spend less than 20 seconds reviewing an applicant's resume. In that limited time, your resume MUST effectively deliver your relevant employment history, education, and achievements to the recruiter. Our consultants at Airline Pilot Careers have experience as pilot recruiters with flight schools, corporate flight departments, military squadrons, and airlines.


Your Cover Letter and Resume Review Service will ensure your documents are reviewed by two of our Airline Pilot Careers consultants. We will then schedule a virtual one-on-one meeting to:

  • Correct errors

  • Discuss overall structure 

  • Suggest revisions in formatting 

  • Ensure proper verbiage

  • Cover tips for improving visibility to recruiting departments

Don't let your cover letter and resume get lost in the shuffle in this competitive environment! To get scheduled with one of our recruiting experts, please fill out the following contact information. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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**Update: Pilots on furlough status receive a 50% discount using code AIRLINE20 during checkout**

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