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There are many avenues available for pursuing a career as a professional aviator. To learn more about the various pathways, please select from the following pilot careers.

The airline pilot career path is for those interested in working in a structured crew environment transporting passengers domestically and internationally. Some of the Major US air carriers include: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. 

The cargo pilot career path is for those interested in transporting goods in various locations around the globe. Cargo pilots often fly throughout the night to meet the demands of the cargo industry. Some of the Major US cargo carriers include: Air Transport International, Atlas Air, FedEx, Kalitta Air, and UPS.

Airplane and Red Carpet

The corporate pilot career path includes the transportation of customers in a unique environment where the destinations and schedules are tailored to the individual clients. Some of the larger corporate pilot employeers include: Delta Private Jets, FlexJet, NetJets, and XOJET. 

The military pilot career path provides aviators an opportunity to obtain free pilot certification while serving their country. The paid flight training often requires a commitment of up to 10 years with various base locations and possible military deployments. Upon completion of service, these aviators often pursue one of the other three pilot pathways. 

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