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Career Mentoring Session

Your Career Mentoring Session can cover ANY aviation-related topics that you would like to discuss. We are happy to help anyone including new pilots starting their journey, flight instructors looking to make the next step, or military pilots transitioning to the civilian world. Our mission is to answer questions, give guidance, and help ensure you are making sound decisions to accomplish whatever goals you have.

Common topics during a Career Mentoring Session include:

  • How do I get started with aviation?

  • What are some ways I can build flight time efficiently? 

  • What flight times do military pilots need to land a job with an airline?

  • What is the best way to get a corporate flight department to recognize me?

  • Should I get a four-year degree or start my flying career without it?

These questions come up more often than you'd think! The experience of our consultants covers nearly every background of aviation, which will ensure you are properly guided towards your career aspirations.


To schedule a Career Mentoring Session, please fill out the contact information form. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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