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Academy Flight Training

Program benefits...

  • Academy programs are structured to provide students flight training in a fast-paced environment.

  • This is often the quickest way to earn your wings and jump-start your career, especially if you already possess a four-year degree. 

  • Graduates of these programs are usually hired as certified flight instructors by their training academy to obtain flight time and experience. 

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Academy flight training overview...

Academy-style flight schools are designed to train flight students at an accelerated pace. These programs are tailored to individuals who possess a college degree and want to obtain their certificates as quickly as possible. 

Additional considerations...

  • This training regiment does not offer a college degree. The purpose of this style of training is to create a safe and qualified pilot in the fastest manner possible. Not having a degree may hinder job options with certain employers in the future.

  • Government loan options are generally not available. Private financing or self-funded training can be a limiting factor for those wishing to attend an academy program.

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  • Flight time requirements for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate cannot be reduced for graduates of these programs. Graduates of an academy flight program often require 250-750 additional hours to become air carrier qualified, when compared to university flight school graduates and military-trained pilots.

  • Limited education beyond the minimum required for certification may leave gaps in overall aviation education.

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