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"Alex provided excellent input that ultimately led to a successful interview. Prior to our discussion, my application was decent; Alex helped it become exceptional. Two months after our conversation, I had a CJO in hand!"

- Ryan, First Officer 737, United

"I had a strong application and it was great to work with the Airline Pilot Careers team to highlight and expand areas of the application that I wouldn't have put much emphasis on previously. I was offered interviews at two major US Carriers shortly thereafter." 

- Kyle, First Officer 757/767, Delta


Get the latest air carrier information to include: hiring data, aircraft fleet types, pilot bases, airline partners, and pilot pay rates. 


We aim to promote the success of aspiring aviators by providing information surrounding the various pathways to becoming a professional pilot. Discover which one is right for your journey.


Our recruiting experts will help you distinguish yourself among other industry professionals using our application review service and career mentorship.


Front of Aircraft


All of us at Airline Pilot Careers have a passion for aviation and extensive experience in the airline industry. Our career mentoring professionals are comprised of individuals who are employed at a major airline, have worked for various regional air carriers, currently serve in the United States military, and have been employed as airline and industry pilot recruiters; including one of the co-founders who possesses a PhD in Aerospace Sciences with a focus on professional development and career mentoring. We want to share our industry expertise to help others attain their dream careers. 

"Having guidance in the current climate that met my individual needs was my top priority and they went above and beyond to make sure it was theirs." - Ashley, First Officer 737, Sun Country

Every professional pilot has a unique story on how they were able to achieve their goals. We created this website to assist those pursuing a professional pilot career and provide a clear pathway on how to become a professional airline pilot for those new to the industry, as well as to assist career transitions for those already established. We find great satisfaction in mentoring others and want to ensure that you represent yourself the way you want to be seen in the eyes of an airline recruiter. Welcome to Airline Pilot Careers, we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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